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“Pop Art: Visit Andy Warhol’s U.S.A.,”, n.d. (2016).

“In Favor of Function: How the Dutch Went Modern in the Mid-20th Century,” May 17, 2016, Pamono Stories Blog
Ornament was out; clean lines, monochromatic fabrics, and unpretentious utility were in. So even if De Stijl’s philosophies no longer applied in the postwar period, its material objective of geometric shapes and reduction of form endured.

“California Dreamin’: Paul László Pioneered California Modern in the Golden Age of Hollywood,” June 27, 2014, L’ArcoBaleno History Lessons Blog (now Pamono Stories Blog)
László attended to every interior detail of a house, from draperies to ashtrays and built-in tissue holders; at the end of projects, he turned down bed covers and put toothbrushes in their places.

“Precious Jewelry of Hair: A Brooch and Bracelet Set for Mourning,” March 9, 2014, Cooper-Hewitt Object of the Day Blog
A few words on one of the many mourning customs performed by nineteenth-century genteel ladies in honor of Women’s History Month.

“The Valentine as Art,” February 14, 2014, Cooper-Hewitt Object of the Day Blog
A valentine from graphic designer Marian Bantjes is more than just a valentine—it is an artwork, to be cherished and displayed year-round.

“Vasco Vieira of Arqui + Arquitectura,” May 14, 2013, KMP Furniture Blog
The built-in swimming pool has always been a staple of luxury homes, at least those in warm climates. And in recent years, the infinity pool is almost a necessity for luxury homeowners. But the bar has been raised: Vasco Vieira of Arqui + Arquitectura has turned the notion of the in-ground infinity pool on its head.Casa Vale do Lobo, built on the Vale do Lobo golf resort in Southern Portugal, includes a swimming pool in a concrete base, cantilevered over a reflecting pool below.

“James Dyson: Designing Out Annoyances,” May 2, 2013, Cooper-Hewitt Object of the Day Blog
Happy birthday Sir James Dyson, innovator extraordinaire!

“Benjamin Garcia Saxe,” April 4, 2013, KMP Furniture Blog
Young creative types are often viewed as idealistic, expecting to stamp the world with their art. Architect/sculptor/designer Benjamin Garcia Saxe already has, and one presumes he will continue to do so in increasing degrees . . . His low-cost housing projects prove that there are more solutions to housing the poor, and buying without entering into debt than are frequently used. 

“Branded in Early Twentieth-Century Vienna,” March 30, 2013, Cooper-Hewitt Object of the Day Blog
While it may seem that logos and brand identities today are most concerned with profits, the bottom line was not always the reason behind marking one’s goods.

“William Lescaze’s Townhouse Blueprint: Creating a New Look for New York Residences,” March 22, 2013, Cooper-Hewitt Object of the Day Blog

“Italian Architect Plays with Degrees of Minimalism,” Profiling work of Andrea Oliva/Studio Cittaarchitettura, March 15, 2013, KMP Furniture Blog

“Hironaka Ogawa’s Interior Trees,” March 12, 2013, KMP Furniture Blog

“Santiago Calatrava: Drawing Across the Sky,” March 11, 2013, KMP Furniture Blog

“Severely White: Fran Silvestre’s Minimalist Houses and Wind Tower,” March 5, 2013, KMP Furniture Blog
Starkly minimalist, his projects, often with sharp, though not overbearing or unpleasant, angles, are covered in smooth, white materials inside and outside.

“Pete Bossley’s Architecture for Good,” March 4, 2013, KMP Furniture Blog

“Richard Meier’s Vision of White Above Waters,” February 19, 2013, KMP Furniture Blog

“UNStudio’s Swooping Lines Extend from Seats to Theaters,” December 26, 2012, KMP Furniture Blog

“Korean Firm Samoo Enliven’s World’s Streetscapes,” December 18, 2012, KMP Furniture Blog

“Russian Architecture Firm Redefines Cutting-Edge,” Profiling work of Asadov Architectural Studio, December 13, 2012, KMP Furniture Blog
Moscow-based architecture firm Asadov Architectural Studio isn’t afraid to think outside the box—truly. Many of their works have a character that can only be described as unique. The forms are just as alive as the people who use them, and the ideas are fresh and exciting.

“Elias Rizo Arquitectos Adds Comfort to Modernism,” November 30, 2012, KMP Furniture Blog

“Max Strang’s Sustainable Tropical Modernism,” November 21, 2012, KMP Furniture Blog

“Feldman Architecture’s Living Roofs,” November 26, 2012, KMP Furniture Blog

“A Young, Modern Firm Finds Its Individuality,” Profiling work of Atelier RZLBD, November 18, 2012, KMP Furniture Blog

“A Metal ‘Lace’ Chandelier: Tord Boontje’s Modern Twist on Centuries-Ago Style,” October 3, 2012, Cooper-Hewitt Object of the Day Blog
The chandelier reinvented.The lightbulb redecorated. Stainless steel brought to life. Moving patterns stopped in motion…Boontje has compared the intricately cut paper to lace of earlier centuries, but this shimmering, elaborate metal is certainly not your grandmother’s lace.

“Allan Shulman Brings Old Buildings Back to Life,” not dated, KMP Furniture Blog

“Rene Gonzalez Architect,” not dated, KMP Furniture Blog

“Problem-Solving Steel and a Floating Stone Wall: Modern Architecture and Interiors by GASS,” not dated, KMP Furniture Blog

“Gesundheit,” reviewing Heide Fasnacht’s Sneeze IV (2003) and Sigmar Polke’s Untitled (2008) at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, March 2008, For Art’s Sake Media
The most astounding aspect of curatorial decisions is that they allow for interpretation – and misinterpretation – of art that otherwise may not have been considered. 

“New Bodies/New Views,” exhibition review of “Nora Lehmann: Corpora Nova,” 2007, For Art’s Sake Media