Essays & Interviews

“Kintra Fibers: Synthetic Textiles for a More Sustainable Future,” Surface Design Journal 46 no. 1 (Spring 2022): 30–35.

“Infinite Histories: Threading Venetian glass beads into large-scale wall hangings, Marie Watt explores the complexities of her own multicultural heritage,” Glass: The UrbanGlass Art Quarterly, no. 162 (Spring 2021), 45–51

“Exhibiting and Teaching Challenging Material,” in Teaching & Learning with Museum Exhibitions: Innovations across the Disciplines, ed. Ian Berry, Mimi Hellman, and Rachel Seligman (Saratoga Springs, NY: Tang Teaching Museum, 2020)

Catalog entry on Nancy Grossman’s Rust & Blue (Yuma), 1967, Accelerate: Access and Inclusion at the Tang Teaching Museum 3 (2019)

“Wendy Red Star and Beatrice Red Star Fletcher” (essay on Wendy Red Star’s Four Seasons, an interactive museum installation, dioramas, and questions of display), Accelerate: Access and Inclusion at The Tang Teaching Museum 2 (2018)

Interviews with Wendy Red Star and with Deborah Roberts, Accelerate: Access and Inclusion at The Tang Teaching Museum 2 (2018)

Catalog entry on Willie Cole’s To get to the other side, 2001, Accelerate: Access and Inclusion at The Tang Teaching Museum 1, (2017)

Interviews with Tim Rollins & K.O.S. members Angel Abreu and Rick Savinon and with Willie Cole, Accelerate: Access and Inclusion at The Tang Teaching Museum 1, (2017)

“Diminutive Deco: Cigarette Holders in the Jazz Age,” Art Deco New York (Journal of the Art Deco Society of New York) 1, no. 1 (Spring 2016).
In the narrative of Jazz Age smoking and its accoutrements, the cigarette (and its holder) played a surprisingly significant social role.

“American Artworks Digitized through Luce Grant,” Fall 2016, IMA Magazine
Photographing fashion arts poses unique challenges. 
Although now carefully stored as museum artworks, these garments once experienced everyday life, appearing at parties, work, weddings, on city streets, or on the runway. 

“Digitizing the American Arts and Design Collections: Recent Discoveries,” September 2015, IMA Magazine
Highlights my research funded by the Henry Luce Foundation as part of a digitization grant, which began in October 2014.

“The Steinway Family Helped Create Modern Astoria,” August 30, 2011, online, BORO Magazine
Steinway & Sons was founded in 1853 by German immigrant and master cabinetmaker Henry Engelhard Steinway in Lower Manhattan. Before he and his three sons developed the modern piano, concert stages were equipped with four or five pianos because they fell apart during performances . . . The Steinways wanted to change this: they believed that people should come to hear the music, not watch a theatrical performance of breaking pianos.

“Off-Off-Broadway Theater in Astoria,” July 2011 print issue, BORO Magazine; posted online June 29, 2011

“Astoria’s Seville Michelle Anastos is Designer to the Stars,” June 25, 2011, online, BORO Magazine

“LIC Artist Helaine Soller’s Exhibition at Riverview Restaurant,” April 16, 2011, online, BORO Magazine
The series of acrylic paintings at Riverview Restaurant in Long Island City—collectively titled “Water Environments”—evokes the drama of our ever-changing natural environments.

“Long Island City Artists Promotes Local Artists to Community,” March 12, 2011, online, BORO Magazine

“Art House Astoria Offers Arts Classes and Workshop Salons,” January 19, 2011, online, BORO Magazine

“Museum of the Moving Image Reopens After a Two-Year Renovation and Expansion,” January 2011 print cover story; posted online January 6, 2011, BORO Magazine

“On Monsters, Myths, and the End of the World: COM Senior’s Published Comics Get Industry Attention,” March 6, 2008, BU Today

“Home is Where the Art Is: BU’s Liza Abelson Opened an Art Gallery in Her Home Last Fall to Exhibit Her Paintings and Those of Friends,” March 3, 2008, BU Today

“A Close Encounter with Genius: Painter Chuck Close and Curator Robert Storr in Conversation,”  November 1, 2007, BU Today

“Administrator by Day, Artist by Night: MET’s Jeannie Motherwell Exhibits Her Paintings in a Solo Show,” August 9, 2007, BU Today

“A Midsummer Night in the Park: Shakespeare Expert William Carroll on the Bard’s Best-Loved Comedy,” July 24, 2007, BU Today

“Photography exhibition rediscovers historic Boston,” March 1, 2006, print, BU Source